About Us

About Woodnote
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Sannitha Educational Institutions Pvt Ltd operates Woodnote Preschool.

Our Vision
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Encouraging Children to Explore the World of Joyful Learning

Our Mission
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To foster compassion and empathy for the mother earth and for all her inhabitants and to connect young minds with nature by providing a dynamic natural environment that fulfills a child’s fundamental need for exploration and discovery.


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Ms. Swetha ManthenaManaging Director

Woodnote is Swetha Manthena’s brainchild, born with a dream to provide a safe and happy environment for kids, where they can explore Nature and discover themselves to build a Joyful World. According to her vision, Woodnote recreates children while they create their own stepping stones towards a Beautiful Life.

After all, the child is the man’s father and children are a Nation’s Future.

Dr. Meera Bhandari Arora

Director – Academics and Training

Dr. Meera Bhandari Arora, recipient of several prestigious awards such as the Young Woman Education Excellence Award, Teacher’s State Awards, and Youngest Principal Award has served as an educator for more than 17 years.

She is an innovative, forward-thinking, and empathetic leader who firmly believes that together we can do great things and when we work together everyone wins!

Major Naveen Mehta(Retd)

Director – School Expansions and Operations

Major Naveen Mehta entered the education sector after a meritorious service in the Indian Army. An alumni of MDI, Gurgaon & College of Military Engineering, Pune, he has a wealth of experience in the education sector and has assisted in setting up over 100 schools in India and overseas.

With an expertise in business, strategy, planning, organising and executing projects, his eye for detailing, resourcefulness, uncompromising stance towards excellence ensures quality deliverables.