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Woodnote, a top pre-school in Hyderabad and Mysuru provides a safe, secure and joyful environment for students to feel at home while indulging in playful creative learning. Here, the fresh buds mingle with nature in all its forms of air, water and greenery, thus drawing knowledge and inspiration from its sheer magnanimity.

They develop a mindfulness in ‘Thinking Classrooms’ through multifarious activities which lead to heartfulness as well.

Learn the ways and values of life by exploring the joy of living.

Here’s what sets us apart

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One desk for all your queries, doubts, feedback and experiences- a direct connection between you and the entire management team, to solve and resolve any issue related to your little Super Samashtian that seeks attention.

Holistic Development

Srishti Gyan‘ an in-house carefully crafted curriculum in which the child meets nature in every page. Be it literacy, numeracy or general awareness, Srishti Gyan draws the examples and illustrations from nature. Their inherent curiosity is kindled as they learn the How and Why of things. Srishti Gyan is an amalgamation of the best practices of various philosophies and methodologies.

12:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

Individualised attention is crucial during childhood.  At WoodNote each child is assured of the personalised attention that he/she deserves, by strictly maintaining a 12:1 Student-Teacher Ratio.

Parent Partners

‘Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first’, WoodNote encourages and trains parents to develop a cherishable and fruitful bonding with their child, to ensure a smoothly balanced emotional and academic growth of children, at home and school alike. 

Learning Labs

Our learning spaces led to ‘Panchmukhi Shiksha‘ – intellectual objectivity, physical fitness, spiritual consciousness, mora responsibility and emotional balance. The learning labs beyond conventional classrooms are unique in terms of the learning environment, resources, the interiors – the perfect places to enmbark on the journey to acquire knowledge and wholesome growth. 


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